I realized today that not only have I not posted in a while but I have put up very few pictures. Time to rectify that!  These are a selection of pictures from our stay here in RI this Spring.

These first pictures are of a Class A RV that was near the entrance to our campground. Our jaws literally dropped when we spotted this. Talk about tight spots! Mike is hoping that we never have to park in a situation like that. These people are all settled in for the summer and have fixed up their site really cute since these pictures were taken the end of April. Hope those trees don't grow much though or they'll never get out of there.

It's hard to see in this photo but the front end of the RV is 
hanging out over the brook. The back end is nearly on the ground.

Notice how close the trees are? Think they had to oil the sides of the rig to get it in there. 
If a tire goes flat, that back end will definitely be on the ground. Wow! 

I thought it would be fun to show how our camping area changed over the 2 months we were at Whispering Pines. The first 2 pictures were taken April 26th from our campsite:

Looking North from our campsite. We could look out the picture window 
on the rear of our rig and watch the kids come home on the school bus on a distant hill.

Looking across pond from front of our rig. There were only 
6 camping sites on our side of the pond. Usually there were only 
4 of us down there. It was lovely and peaceful!

The next 2 pictures show approximately the same views exactly 1 month later. It was a rare, sunny day when I took these pictures. Most of the time we were at the campground it was overcast and/or raining.
Everything was so green and lush!

This is a slightly different view of the brook but only by a few feet. We could no 
longer watch the school bus up on the hill but that was ok. The sounds of 
all the birds, bullfrogs, etc., was well worth it!

Almost identical to the pond picture above. What a difference a month makes!

Finally, we got our hummingbird feeders put up on our back windows. The very first day, the little hummers started visiting. We thoroughly enjoyed watching them.

This was the feeder we put on the back window. Loved it because it didn't 
have that center tube that would have blocked our view of some of the hummers.

This was a regular hummingbird feeder on a side window. It had a hanger that 
attached to the window with suction cups. In actual fact, we think the bird
 preferred this feeder because of the combination of red with yellow feeding ports. 
It was more difficult to see the birds though.

We are no longer at the campground as our 2 month stay ended on June 14. We are now staying at Mike's sister's place (still in RI) watching over his elderly mother while his sister and family are away. Yesterday we drove the 5 miles to the section of Westerly called Weekapoug. There is a space there that isn't part of the regular beaches where you can just park your vehicle and go sit on the rocks and watch the ocean. Why we hadn't done this earlier I'll never know, because we realized yesterday how very much we've missed the sounds and smell of the ocean. Will have to try and get down there some more the next couple of weeks because we plan to leave soon and head west. My, how the time has flown!

Yep, that's the Atlantic Ocean. Usually you can see Fishers Island, NY 
and Block Island, RI from here. Just depends on the day.

There were a couple of fishing boats out yesterday morning 
as well as some speed boats but only this one sail boat."

Til next time,

Gloria - The Internet GADabout


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