Emotions of Preparing for a Simpler Life

Life changes can be so hard.  We have moved a lot in our 41 years of marriage.  Roughly 18 times.  We never thought we'd be retiring at 62 and we never thought we'd be selling everything we own, moving into a 5th wheel RV, and traveling around the continent.

Like other couples/families, we've spent a lifetime collecting things that are full of memories.  Without the right mind set, it can be excruciating to get rid of them.

For instance.....

When my mother died 23 years ago, I took some of my inheritance money and bought a beautiful grandfather clock because both she and I had always admired them.  It was kind of my personal memorial to my mother.  We were very careful that, whenever we moved, it made the trip lying down in the back of my mini van with its weights and pendulum removed to avoid damage.  It is our first big furniture item to have sold and will be leaving my life tomorrow night.  I will miss its bonging during the night, allowing me to know what time it is by counting the bongs rather than opening my eyes and trying to see a clock in our room without my glasses.

There will be other items that will make me sad but I don't think any as much as that clock.

Mike is dealing with his own set of emotions, too.  Some of his big tools are very dear to him (like his Shopsmith) but there's no way to take something like that with us.  Plus, he keeps trying to figure out how to get my digital piano (in a cabinet) into a 5th wheel without giving up space needed for seating.  I think it's bothering him more than it's bothering me.

We have to keep ourselves focused on the fact that it's all just 'stuff'.  We have far too much of it in our lives and there's no need of it.  Simple and frugal is the coming wave, like it or not. It's time we just stay focused on what's important in life - our religious beliefs, our family, and our friends.  Nothing can be more important than these.

On the flip side of this process, we worry that things won't sell.  That's not a good scenario either.  Funds are tight and we need the money from selling non-essentials.  We have 6 weeks before we have to be out of this house and on our way to Florida to 'babysit' Mike's parents for a month.  We have planned on getting a small storage unit but don't want to have to get a large one and deal with all this when we get back.

On the up side, we are thankful that we're doing this in the Winter here in SW Missouri.  If I had to cope with heat and humidity while doing all this, I'd probably collapse.  But we are excited at the prospect of the end result of our labors.  Of being able to travel - or not - as the whim hits us.  To live a simple, easy-going life without all the stress and pressure.  It's a relief to know that when all is said in done - after lots and lots of moves under our belts - that our little 'house' will just go with us when we move.

We just have to get through the next 6 weeks and have faith that all will work out.

Til next time,

Gloria - The Internet GADabout


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