A Fresh New Year!

Well, world, here I am!  It's January 1, 2011!  (Where did the past year go?)  After a false start back in October, I'm finally, seriously starting my blog about possible retirement, the different things my husband and I enjoy, and the things we want to do.

I've been using computers since the first Texas Instruments 4k ones came out. I've been on the Internet, oh, since the dawn of time - emailing, researching, downloading, uploading, running email lists, etc.

This is the first time though that I've put up a website of my own - or blogged - so it's a totally new experience.  I'm hopeful that having this blog will help us with answers - and keep us organized - and, perhaps, help others out there who are sailing in the same boat.

Most importantly it's about finding answers about how we're going to afford what we want in our 'golden' years (ummmm.....more like rust than gold).  We have made some decisions and have a 'plan' such as it is.  More on that in the next post.

Hope you'll come along for the ride as I report on research I'll do, what we implement, and the results.  I'll be interested in your helpful comments and ideas. Thanks to those of you who left comments on my test post back in October.  (BTW, I encourage comments but will not tolerate those that are offensive - no attacking others and no foul or x-rated language.  Hoping that we can all help each other in a friendly way.)

Our interests lie in a LOT of different areas so expect posts/threads on a lot of different topics.  And, yes, Mike will be posting on here occasionally.  :)

Planning tomorrow to get in to more of the specifics of our situation.  Hope you'll come along for the ride.

Gloria, The Internet GADabout


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